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What brings utility and joy to my days. A simple portrait as an homage with a short note. As anti elite-designer goods showcase.

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What is this?

My minimalist milenial core hates it, but human life is based on consuming things. At least air and food for the most ascetic. So we might as well show some respect to what enable our lives. I believe that if we all did an inventory more often we wouldn't be carry as much shit around. Items, foods, artifacts, manufactured goods, basically - you get it: stuff... however we call these things, they are us. The above set is very much making a lot of what I am.

This is my list, because I like making (non-pragmatic) list. In some way this feels like an odd digital mausoleum that should be private. The notes are the most important part, briefly explaining my relationship to each thing.

This may look like some elitist virtue signaling — it's not my intent. I really try to keep my own footprint small to preserve my emotional resilience. The less you have, the less you have to loose. Less crutches and consumeristic escapes. As of today, it seems that this logic applies to all of us.

I may sprinkle some affiliate link here and there when and if I can but most of the items here are artifacts or stuff locally bought/found. Affiliate stuff will be clearly indicated. Generating profit is not the primary goal of this things (just to make this clear).