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About this thing

Just to "work with the garage door open", in the hope that you might stumble upon something interesting, funny, relatable, or silly. View source on github.


I tend to keep things as simple as possible because I'm not a great dev and quite frankly I prefer to stay 5 years behind. I'd happily trade the internet for fresh air and clean water. But the world we live in requires us to keep building and fixing things. So I'm here making websites with good old jquery, html, php, and css. I don't recommend inspecting my code, it's really not great but decently light. I believe building stuff is a great way to keep myself grounded in the process.


This website doesn't use cookies. I don't want your data for my own sake and the health of our society (and infrastructure - cookies and dependencies are heavy at scale).


This site uses Inter because it's nice and plain. It will default to system font if Inter isn't available. Because I don't want to import anything custom or use CDN.


Most devs seem to dislike PHP, and while it has its defects, I like it. I like using rudimentary vanilla PHP simply, it is nearly ubiquitous. My philosophy is to favor Files (more like folders of stuff, .txt, .md, images or plain html ) over Apps. The idea behind this weird stack is to focus on durability and ease of maintenance. PHP isn't going anywhere, nor javascript or html.


I use Jquery, mostly because I've been using since I started to code. I know it's not the fastest but when I consider my need, knowledge, time and the other stuff out there, it really doesn't seem like a terrible idea. It's fairly light and doens't require a whole bunch of dependencies. I lazy-load my image feeds via Jquery Lazy, also directly loaded. At some point I may try to convert everything in vanillaJS.


The site is hosted by OVH, in france. If I ever become a US citizen I'll consider hosting it in america or even selfhost.

Domain name

I adopted this the domain name in 2016 as I didn't like having my real name spelled out in the URL, it felt weird. I bought my initial domain back in 2012:, I thought it was clever. SLRNCL is a simple concatenation of my last name and my first name without the vowels. It's hard to remember, which is great since I'm not trying to play the SEO game here. I agonized over my "personal brand" for years and finally buried this vanity. I still spend time updating this website, too regularly... so often that my own wife nags me about it.