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Why this is.

I like a good quote — As shallow as some can be, I've often enjoyed the invitation to think that they extend. I've been grossed out by how some people abuse famous words. Quotes are everywhere. Most of the time used as marketing tools or worse, twisted to bring a feeling of wisdom to a piece of content. Simplification is necessary and I've come to appreciate the imperfection of language, as a mere mirror of our own imperfections. Famous words, stuff heard on the streets, friends, family, graffitis... Rather than just hoarding them in a pinterest board, google doc or some other terrible place on the internet, I'll have them live here. I can't write. I tried. So I'll just add a short note to each post. It all goes somewhere, hopefully.


Typos, half baked thoughts, reworded stuff, are my own and may not sound pleasing to you – I built this mostly for myself as a place to keep these words on hand. My memory isn't great and I don't care about this getting attention. The original words are obviously not mine and I hope not infringing any copyrights here. If I am, please let me know.