Updated October 22nd, 2023

portrait of a tall, lanky man sitting cross legged from the back


My first priority is to slow down - quite literally. Generally doing less and enjoying more. I'm a monkey with a tech job and a growing family. I care a lot about very few things (a recent realization). That means commitment to just a few people, interests, and projects. That makes life feel simple(r) and sincere.


These days most of my productive design time goes to GitHub. The rest of my limited availability is occasionally invested in shorter (cherry picked) engagements. If my stuff resonates with you and you have ideas, feel free to reach out.

Design therapy

I don't do Design Therapy anymore. It's truly been therapeutic. I made some lovely connections. You can still send me an email, I like to read them and I reply to most.


I've been struggling with becoming a dad. Fatigue is getting the best of me and I can't put on any weight or really pay my sleep debt at the moment. This transition is pushing me to acknowledge the "qualitative" aspect of life. At the heart of all the books, anecdotes or conversation on the matter, the good life seems to be a sort of dynamic contemplation with moments of deep appreciation.

Not writing

I have a complicated relationship with this website. I've been redesigning it too often but love to tinker on it. So far I'm denying myself the right to have a blog. I have my footnotes if I want to blab. It's on my homepage and some of the stuff in there is really personal and silly.

2023 recap

Lot has happened this year –– 2023: The agony, and ecstasy. I am working on my end year note, mostly to get it out of my head. Baby, work shit, existential thought, meltdowns and feelings of belonging, the whole thing in words.

Making a (video) reel

Unsure when I'll have time for this but I'd love to compile a nice reel for my homepage. Maybe it's an ego this that will or should go away. Anyway, it's on my list.


I'm trying to stop being a compulsive doodler. I blame the ipad. When I make something decent, I sometimes post it Here.