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I used to have a notes.txt file on my desktop where I was putting down all interesting nuggets, like a wine cellar, hoping for them to mature. Instead, they mostly degenerate and create a bunch of anxiety from doing nothing of it.

Nowadays, I "write" in Google Keep. Because it’s awful. I migrated my notes.txt file content in there and pinned it. I write a lot in the bathroom in general. Between meetings (sometimes during). I aim at poor writing hygiene because I do not want to truly get into it. I’m already interested/distracted by too many things. Yet, there seems to be something that keeps bringing me back to words.

Like most of us, I breed an uncomfortably large amount of thoughts daily. Most of them are unexceptional. Without restraint, I’d impulsively jot down most of them. To stay sane and avoid creating a generational supply of passable notes, I still uphold my thought-holding policy.

"Never confuse an idea with its implementation" (Taylor Troesh) - I need to snip most thoughts in the bud. So here is my technique: No note = No next step = Freedom. If my ego can't let go of an idea, I give it an outlet on this site.

If I take note of something, there must be a next step. Until it dies. A note's death usually means, publication, archival, deletion, or merge.

Most of my active notes are lists.
The rest (10 max) are drafts that sometimes go somewhere.

This blog is my archive, where my (successful) notes go to die.

Hopefully, this post should be the ultimate proof not to take anything written on this site seriously.

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