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I'm bringing my blog back, properly. It will be closer to a stream of consciousness. Mostly because I refuse to talk to a professional therapist about design systems and sidewalk philosophy. Also to relieve my wife a bit.

I'm done with Medium. The writing and publishing experiences are gross and the community sounds phony at best. I've read enough big-names dropping cliche advice and witty anecdotes. And I do not want to inch toward this type of writing.

I crave my own place to do whatever I want, freely.

Like most things I build, I do it for myself. Like they say - the fool who persists in his folly will become wise. Perhaps I'll get there by putting my words out there. It will surely go somewhere. Perhaps that's the zen exercise I need.

I've written more in the last year than ever before. Mostly journaling. I've been craving a different kind of output. Beyond simple description. Something closer to an essay but without the polish. A sort of stream of consciousness. Raw, a tad crazy. But good enough to live out there on the internet.

The fool who persists in his folly will become wise – Perhaps I'm taking W. Blake too literally.

Typos and half-baked thoughts have been and will always be my own.

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