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You don’t need to care

After reading medium for a couple years I reached a point where I find myself overwhelmingly underwhelmed by most thoughts on silicon valley and startups. From the most elaborate comparison to DaVinci's vision to the most silly observation on LaCroix cans consumption, most people seem to get very sensitive about or distracted by everything around here. Because somehow, we care about everything.

We care about having big ideas, contributing, disrupting, being part of a team, having a vision, making a thing (more often, an impact)... There’s nothing conceptually but without the ability to unplug from constant distraction, we’re going insane. Repeating the same actions while expecting different outcomes. Insanity, literally.

Every day, more stuff comes into our lives. Stuff on our calendars, stuff on our minds, stuff in our houses, stuff in our phones... so much stuff we need stuff to handle it. I used to think that I needed to be better at handling it. I have a different stance today. I just don’t care as much.

I make websites for a living. I care about making them functional and pleasant. It’s not always fun, it's my job. I know that not everything I do is worthy of being published in my portfolio, let alone shared more broadly or recognized. I also know that my job is artificial, I’m not doctor or a public servant, I have no direct impact in the present.

I make things for the internet, something a lot of people do nowadays in the bay area. If you can’t explain simply what you do to your grandma, then it probably doesn’t matter that much. Whatever bothers my generation doesn’t truly deserve much attention from you or anyone. Oftentimes, it's the constant noise that is messing with our mood.

My resilience depends on the day, the person in front of me, how much I slept, political factors and often just pure persistence and stamina.

I’m convinced lots of us here would get a lot of relief from realizing that – it’s perfectly fine not to care. Instead talk to people sitting on public benches, inline at the grocery store, in the train, they will give you a perspective different from the hyperactive hustlers of medium.

It’s okay to not care, politely.

Brain dump – is a term used for the process of transmitting the knowledge of a person to another person or group via a very unstructured unloading of information. This term is commonly used in startups (it’s not smart but understandable).

I’m going to merge the brain dump technique with sporadic journaling to create a few posts. This will allow me to put stuff out there without having to really have anything specific to say.

This was me taking my first stab at it.

As always, those are opinions and observations that will not please everyone. If you don’t like it, go burn some calories and come back later. Hopefully you’ll have realized that it’s a big world, there’s a lot of possible perspectives. If you still can’t get that, try to understand what “cognitively ossified” means.

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