I’m Nicolas — a multidisciplinary designer in San Francisco. I focus on delivering high quality visual and technical solutions for startups and agencies. Follow my daily design work on Dribbble.

Designing Opendoor Since 2016

Opendoor guidelines — 2016
Illustrations for product and brand — 2017
Web design research & testing - 2017
Landing pages experiments - 2017
Email styleguide - 2017
Core value posters - 2017
Web design research & testing - 2017
Product illustration concepts - 2018

I joined the design team at Opendoor in september 2016 to help them operate the first rebrand of the compagny. I helped redesign and code the V2 of the website, refresh the email infrastructure. Since the launch of the brand 2.0 in january 2017, I'm supporting the team to continue to improve the customer experience and marketing.

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Freelance Since 2013

MBS ATA rebrand - 2016
NPM agency - 2016
eGalapagos - 2017
WellnessFX - 2017
hub.io - 2014 / coplans.com - 2015
MBS website rebrand - 2016
Soul Bowl food truck one pager - 2016
Bookkeepers.nyc - 2015
Toutequateur.com - 2015

I started to work on freelance projects for clients during my studies. Those project grew me a lot, teaching me the soft skills while allowing me to explore new concepts and technologies. I like to show my very first mocks, I think it's important to get it real.

2016 freelance websiteProjects on dribbble

IRIS Interactive 2014-16

Mercedes Benz Leasing App — 2014
Glide website — 2014
Jaguar Land Rover App manager — 2013
Mercedes Benz Leasing App — 2014
IRIS Interactive website rebrand — 2013
IRIS Interactive plugin etourisme - 2015
MyBus UI - 2016

My first full time job was at IRIS Interactive back in 2014. I've been involved in the design and development of multiples websites and applications during my +2years of collaboration.

IRIS InteractiveMBFS Case study

Side projects Ongoing

Malibu — January 2018
SFO, CA — June 2018
Point Reyes, CA — August 2017
San Francisco, CA — April 2017
San Francisco, CA — September 2017
Berkeley, CA — february 2018
Lyon — summer 2017
Lake Tahoe, CA — Winter 2017
LA — Winter 2017
Somewhere along the C&O canal, MD — June 2018

I discovered photography when I move to the US in 2016. I enjoy learning about photography and taking picture wherever I go. I'm not really good at it but since I really like it I decided to show my favorites shots here.



I have been working for the last 4 years in agencies, startups and as a freelancer. I worked in two continents, designed apps, landing pages, websites, ads, posters, emails for a wide range of clients.

My approach is realistic and creative, supported by skills in frontend development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Js, Wordpress). I'm able to create traditional and new creative solutions for any communicational issue.

As a designer my enthusiasm lies in creating delightful interactive experiences. To do this, I come equipped with creative designs grounded in user sensibilities, a persistent attitude towards producing better work and an easy going, ego-free approach towards my peers.


I'm currently a full time member of Opendoor's design team. Aside of that I'm also curating a website showcase called lablacklist.co and a moodboard. I rarely write, but when I do, it happens here. When I hear something short and smart, I take a note here.