Oh dear, I really ought to do something. But I'm already in my pyjamas

My roommate


It’s when you look for meaning that you get confused.

C. Bukowski


Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know

Pema Chödrön


Design should be like vanilla ice cream: simple and sweet, plain without being austere.

Franc Chimero


I have no idea what I'm doing out of my bed

a t-shirt in SF


Simple doesn't mean weak

Eva longchamp


You can’t make somenone act right but you can make him wish he did

Kate from Marin, CA


True Elegance is knowing what to say and when to say it

a waitress in a Nob Hill restaurant


If traveling was free, you'd never see me again

Anthony from Squarespace


Do it for the memories.

Sasha in SoMa


Work hard. Don't be an asshole. Share what you know.

Brad Frost


Someday all this pain is going to be usefull

Solid Snake


If you can't tell if this is terrible or great. That’s probably a sign you shouldn’t do it.



The more you know, the less you need

A design book


Learn everyday to allow the space between where you want to be and where you are to inspire you and not terrify you

Ichika from SF MoMa


It's okay to love something a little too much, as long as it's real to you

Jeffrey Ismael


It's nice to know that everyone else is a mess as well

A guy a met in Party in Nob Hill


Sometimes you are so far behind, you'd think you are first

Mimosa dean


Be nice.
Be useful.
Bring wine.

My chinese roommate


The next big thing will be a lot of small things.

A wall in Mission District


You don’t get to decide the truth. Life is big—much bigger than just yours.

Franck Chimero

Those things makes you who you are. Remember that.