Journal de bord

Nicolas C. Solerieu, Designer

Be useful

My mom used to run a bakery with my step dad. Running a local shop is demanding, french people love bread. They were old school folks, taking pride in hard work. Pride to an absurd extent. They both reached their limit, physically and mentally. I respected their hustle but never aspired to it. The only life advice I got from them was: “ Whatever you do, be useful”.

I applied this since my first job. I recently came across this quote: “If I can’t offer a solution, the least I can do is not be part of the problem”. It made so much sense that I wanted to revise my mom’s advice:

Whatever you do, be useful. But if you can’t offer a solution, the least you can do is not be part of the problem. — That’s my new motto.

Knowing when to get out seem to be the skill to have these days. I read a great piece a while ago called “calling for wisdom”. It’s great. Go read it. They are much smarter than me. As a millennial/startup worker/yuppie/whatever, I realize that compare to my peers, my generation is spending more time picking the right battles to fight. That seems the right thing to do in this era of fast paced craziness. Choose wisely. You may choose to not do much, patiently wait and work on yourself. Some will call you selfish or entitled; but you will do no harm.

My key takeaway for today is: not doing anything is not necessarily lazy, it may be re right thing to do — so chill.

As a side note: Those are oversimplified personal opinions. I have many of those. I’m not married to any of those but putting it out there I will be able to assess my thought process over time. Everything is fluid. If you don’t think so, consider reading about Neuroplasticity.