Journal de bord

Nicolas C. Solerieu, Designer

Happiness is not the point

Everyday I wake up early, then I get out to run 30min. After that I stretch and I meditate a moment. I take a shower and make myself a smoothie. Depending my mood, I’ll prepare a more or less elaborate breakfast (ranging from japanese beef bowl to simple oatmeal) or I fast until noon. once the dishes are done and personal emails are checked I leave for work.

Most people told me that my morning routine is very healthy and they would love to have the discipline to do the same. I feel they think I’m “healthier” and therefore happier than them. I put health in the same bucket as finance. There’s established good practices to follow to achieve a keep a good baseline, learn that. Once you know then act and stick to it. Discipline is not fun but it’s a simple concept. I’ve been raise like a horse — my parents were strict and valued discipline. I’ll spare you the personal stories, I had a regular childhood. Normal kid, good grades, healthy, not a trouble marker. The most boring life story. I followed the traditional path. Get good grade, eat your veggies, have friends, have some fun, get a degree, find a job, find a girlfriend… That’s what parents do, they give you the list of stuff you need to check. Hopefully if you do everything on the list you should be happy.

Today, I live on the other side of the planet and my parents have no clue what I’m doing. I don’t really know what I’m doing either. I feel weird when people ask me if I’m happy. I’m comfortable. Discipline takes care of me. It gives me freedom. Happiness is not really the point, freedom is.