Journal de bord

Nicolas C. Solerieu, Designer

Things I've learned

Channeling my inner Tim Ferriss to get a list of all the stuff I've learnt over the past few years. 


  • You are probably eating too much
  • More fiber, you can't eat too much fiber, also smoothies are your friends
  • Drink more water, less of everything else (tea is acceptable)
  • Cook your own meals. If you can't cook, go for whole foods and the stuff that looks the cleanest. Generally that means -> Salad bar. Avoid dressing and sauces. If no decent options, don't eat, just drink water.
  • Connect with your primitive self with heat shock once a day (cold shower, sauna). In general don't be afraid of the cold. You basically need to feel uncomfortable on a regular basic. 
  • Sleep MORE (Nutrition is 50%, sleep 40%… fitness is just the rest)
  • Don't snack. If you have to, go for the nuts.
  • Fats instead of sugar in the morning.
  • Supplements are cool but don't overthink it. If you really want to do things well: Quantify with a blood test and adjust based on your own needs. Blindly taking stuff only makes your urine more expensive.
  • Salt (good salt like truffle salt or pink salt) is your friend, get your minerals.
  • Move, whenever, however you can.


  • Don't be a hero, moisturize. Essential oils or whatever virgin oil is better than most chemical lotion
  • Buy less stuff, think about the value add/clutter
  • Get outside for 1h/day, get that free vitamin D
  • Take (mental) picture of things. Do things as if you were about to get a picture of you doing/buying/eating this thing. Chances are if you dislike the idea of this picture being shared, you probably don't want this.
  • Find what resonate with you, some like reading book or podcast or documentaries or long form articles… nourish you intellect and resist feeds.
  • Nobody really cares about what you wear.


  • Nothing good comes easy, it takes time and practice - Duh
  • Soft skills are the key
  • Corporation are artificial structure, don't take anything personally
  • Find your thing, get paid for it, then you can think about your passion
  • Happiness is all about calibrating expectations, don't expect much and
  • If everyone says you are wrong, you are wrong (even if you are not)
  • Be useful: underpromise, overdeliver. Doing nothing is sometime a good solution.
  • Get your ego out of the way, nobody cares. Stop caring and just do things. think maneuvers, not intentions.
  • There will always be politics involved, we are gregarious animals


  • Save at least 30% of your income
  • Build a buffer
  • Let your money work four you, compound interest is your best friend
  • You need less (money) than you think
  • Invest only your disposable income (why do I have to write this down...)
  • Keep your finances simple. If your money is all over the place it probably going to be hard to handle and create stress - No bueno. I may sound counter intuitive if you want to try some investments of different types of assets but personally I value clarity over the very best rates.
  • Don't be greedy
  • In general, pay more for food, it will force you into thinking about origin of products, quality and the nutrition/value you are getting.

Mistakes and learning

  • Its not because you travel that you learn anything. Get mature first and then travel.
  • Too much supplements not enough nutrition.
  • Disposable income breeds impulse purchase, it's hard to resist extra cash.
  • Media overconsumption is the worse.
  • Meditation, spiritual practices are great tools but that may not work for you.
  • Overdosing, overtraining, overachieving is inefficient, always aim for the Minimum effective dose of everything
  • Caring about mental health last is dumb. I cared about my legs before my brain thinking that the endorphin release would solve the problem. I was wrong.
  • Quantify but don't overdo it. Tracking everything developed an obsession and dragged me down more than it allowed me to improve.
  • Caring. Caring is the worse. You can't care about everything. Prioritize and achieve.
  • When it comes to habits and self improvement, it's rarely about what you are adding new stuff but the crap that you are cutting.

I'm talking to myself here and probably sound very self-help-y. I hate self help stuff but I recognize the necessity for it, particularly in this age of artificial stuff, delusion and total disconnect to our primitive selves. I wanted to put this somewhere on the internet so I can come back to it and maybe it will help someone.