Hi, I'm currently visual designer at Opendoor in San Francisco, CA. I'm focused on delivering high quality visual and technical solutions. Aside of that I'm curating a website showcase called lablacklist.co and a moodboard.

My approach is realistic and creative, supported by skills in frontend development. I am able to create traditional and new creative solutions for any communicational issue. You can follow my daily design work on Dribbble.

I build well engineered, high performing websites that are beautifully designed. My technical strengths lie in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also have experience with Wordpress, PHP and a whole bunch of other web technologies. I put a strong focus on performances and code maintainability. I'm so hype, I even have a Github account.

I have been working for the last 4 years in agencies, startups and as a freelancer. I worked in two continents, designed apps, landing pages, websites, ads, newsletters for a wide range of clients. To know everything, you can read my resume or my Linkedin profile.