Nicolas Solerieu — visual designer

* SLRNCL is just my last and first name without vowels — it looks cool and honestly I don't like the idea of having a personal brand. It also happens to be hard to spell and remember, which is great when I'm not looking for a job (most of the time).

The work stuff

I design lots of things (mostly) for Opendoor , other people and sometimes myself. I'm used to working in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. I'm a generalist focused on craft and driven by quality. My design approach is realistic and creative, supported by skills in frontend development — all that to say that I know how to translate my ideas into HTML and CSS. I spend most of my time evolving and maintaining Opendoor's website and servicing anyone who needs design support in the company as a member of the brand team. My specialty is web design but have been enjoying creating all sorts of visuals for our product like icons and prototypes. I also design illustrations for our blogs and internal events. You can see my most recent stuff on Dribbble or the few case studies I have up on Behance.

The rest

I was born and raised in France, then in late 2016, this lovely lady found me on dribbble and flew me to the Bay Area to work on Opendoor's website. I've been doing this since then. And a bunch of other things on the side like writing low-quality posts, collecting quotes and sharing pretentious photos. I even got married and developed and deep appreciation for eggs, cycling and stretching (not yoga). Aside of this I sometimes add to my old moodboard and have been drawing a bit too.


I'm trying to slow down and be more present. Plan for the next step. Still riding in the east bay. Feel free to check my Linkedin if you are into this kind of thing or send me an email like a normal person